Skin Needling & Chemical Peel Course

2 Days

This course includes your certificates, Manual on a flash drive and kit.

The course is a 2 day course (9-14h00)

You will receive your Certificate on completion of models/case studies and completing the bloodborne pathogen course online.

You will be taught the following:

  • Wrinkle Treatment: Fine lines and wrinkles on the face can be diminished with facial needling.
  • Indented Scars: Needling procedures can decrease the depth of pitted, depressed, or shallow scars caused by acne, chicken pox, surgeries, or trauma.
  • Surgical Scars : Raised or hypertrophic (overgrown) scars can become smoother with needling treatments that flatten the elevated scar tissue.Examples include borders of skin grafts and other hypertrophic surgical scars
  • Scar Relaxation : Burns and accidents can create fibrous bands of scar tissue that often contract and limit movement. Needling can break down the contracted scar tissue to increase mobility and flexibility. This process is referred to as Scar Tissue Relaxation or Relaxation of Scar Tissue.
  • Age Spots: Age spots can be completely removed or lightened using skin needling
  • Spider veins: Spider veins can be made smaller or completely retracted after skin needling treatments.
  • Facial and neck peel using Glycolic acid: This procedure helps with fine wrinkles, dark spots, dry skin and can be used in conjunction with dry skin needling.


  • 1 x Digital rotary machine
  • 20 x messo needles
  • 20 x 3RL needles
  • 1 x Glycolic acid
  • 1 x derma roller
  • 2 x deep numb
  • 1 x Pkt wet wipes
  • 1 x Coconut oil
  • 1x cotton pads
  • 1 x Vaseline
  • 1 x pkt ear buds
  • 1 x ultrasonic gel
  • 1 x pkt alcohol pads
  • 1 x Kit container

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