Permanent Makeup, Skin Needling Tattoo/Pmu Removal Course

5 Days

This course includes your certificate, Manual and kit.

The course is a 5 day course (9-14h00)

You will receive your Certificate on completion of models/case studies and completing the bloodborne pathogen course online.


Your Kit consists off:

  • 1x Manuals on flash drive
  • 1X Colour corrector chart on flash drive
  • 1x Client forms on flash drive
  • 1x indemnity form on flash drive
  • 1x PMU digital rotary pen machine and all power supplies
  • 1x Set of pigments (8)
  • 50x Pigment cups
  • 25 x No 3 needle round
  • 25 X No 1 round needle
  • 2x Aesthetic (pre procedure)
  • 1x Aesthetic (during procedure)
  • 1x Brow pencil
  • 1x Brow measuring ruler
  • 1x set Brow stencil
  • 1x Diva Booboo cream
  • 1x ruler and surgical pen.
  • 2X Practice skin
  • 2X Practice boards
  • 1X Pkt ear buds
  • 1x Pkt tooth picks
  • 1x Vaseline
  • 1x pkt wet wipes
  • 1x Kit container
  • 1x Tub coconut oil
  • 1x sharps container
  • 1x Saline Tattoo removal
  • 1x peroxide volume 20


We teach you:

Permanent Makeup:

  • Top and bottom eye liner
  • Eyelash enhancer
  • Top glitter liner/shading
  • Lip liner & Blending
  • Full lip colour
  • Eye brows enhancer- (Powder Brows)
  • Eyebrow design and shading

Dry skin needling:

  • Wrinkle therapy
  • Scar therapy
  • Spider Vein therapy


Permanent Makeup/Tattoo removal:

  • Tattoo removal
  • Permanent Make-up removal
  • How to fix problems when they arise.

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