About Us



Nicola Reddek founder and owner of Diva Studio’s ventured into the industry on a full time bases about 11 years ago and has never looked back. She loves the Industry and strives to update her own training so as to keep herself and students up to date with what is happening in the Industry with new and improved techniques.

Originally from the Hospitality Industry where she received her Train the trainer certificates as a manager and later got a diploma in Human resources and Physiology of education allowing her to learn the different teaching methods used to teach students with Individual needs.

She also invented the mini face lift technique and teaches this to her Skin needling students as well as being the first in South Africa to do the Scalp micro-pigmentation technique.

She has done training in the Industry with Academy of Beauty, Biotouch, PMU Specialist, Premier permanent make-up to name a few and continues to do courses as and when they become available. Believing that further education in the Permanent Make-up Industry is imperative and not to be taken lightly.

Diva Studio’s Permanent Make-up procedure changed it company portfolio and name to Diva Studio’s Permanent Make-up & Anesthetics Academy because a client asked to be trained years ago and seeing as Nicola had already been in the Industry as a technician for a few years and was qualified as a trainer the expansion began.

The courses we teach are: Permanent Make-up, paramedical Permanent make-up, advanced permanent make-up, skin needling, Tattoo/PMU removal and last but not least Scalp Micro-pigmentation. We have also got a small course for Skin peels to help those along with the Dry skin needling training and we also train in plasma pen and dermaplanning.

As a Company we are not here to just train students but to empower them to start there own business. Our support is ongoing and we can be contacted any time our students need us.

We will also be offering workshops to our students, so that they can also learn new techniques and keep up with the trend of the Industry even after they are qualified.

We do not teach Tattooing at the moment but will be adding that to our courses this year. Nicola just needs to get a little more experience. Diva Studio’s believe that the Tattoo Industry and Permanent Make-up Industry are in essence two different Industries and training is needed by a Permanent make-up Artist to cross over that thresh hold and visa versa.

People ask us if we are Internationally Certified and the answer is no, but with that said there is no International certification for Permanent Make-up. The reason for this is because different countries have different laws pertaining to the Industry. So you cannot just get on a plane and fly to the USA for example and set up shop. You would need to read up about there laws and follow them. Sometimes you need a licence, sometimes you would need to do a competency test and in some countries you would have to do a whole new course. You can however be a member of an International association. Nicola is an International member of AIIC because she has done courses with them. You can be an international trainer but this still does not make your course or qualification International. If you are taught by an International company, your Certificate should be alright to practice in the state of the head office of the said company. (Using the USA to make a point) but you might not be able to practice in the next state. Please feel free to do some research and find out about this for yourself.